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Welcome to the Idexa API!

The Idexa API is an advanced document data extraction solution developed by Pix Force. Designed to meet the demands of companies that seek to improve document and registration management, this API uses Artificial Intelligence technology to simplify and optimize the process of extracting information from different types of documents, regardless of whether they are structured or not.

Imagine the time and effort that is wasted opening documents manually and interpreting data, subject to errors when transcribing information to the management system. With Idexa, you can forget about these problems! Our API is capable of analyzing a wide range of documents, including RG, CPF, CNH, invoices, slips, contracts, proof of address, resumes and many others, providing the extraction of organized and accurate data in a matter of seconds.

Developed to meet the demands of sectors such as Legal, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Health, Idexa is highly adaptable and can be easily integrated with any ERP system on the market through our API.

Take advantage of the full potential of the Idexa API right now to boost the efficiency of your company's processes. Don't waste time, create your registration and experience the power of Artificial Intelligence applied to document management. And to discover more innovative Pix Force solutions, visit our website.